Here are some common questions and answers.

Q. When should I display the flag?

The flag should be displayed on all days when the weather permits, especially on legal holidays or other special occasions. It is customary to display the flag from sunrise to sunset on buildings or on stationary flagstaffs in the open. However on, special occasions, it may be displayed at night, but only if it is spotlighted.

Q. How do I fold a flag?

To properly fold a flag, two people should face each other, each holding one end of the flag. Stretch it horizontally and fold in half lengthwise. Fold the flag in half lengthwise again, making sure the blue field is on the outside with edges held together. While one person holds the flag by the blue field, the other starts at the opposite end making a triangular fold. Continue to fold in triangles until the entire flag is in a triangle. Tuck the loose edges into pocket formed by the folds t so that only the blue field and white stars can be seen.

Q. What is the recommended height of a flagpole to use with my flag?

The flag should be at least one fourth (1/4) of the height of the pole.


Flagpole ---------------Flag Sizes
20' ----------------------- 3x5 ft. or 4x6 ft.
25' ----------------------- 4x6 ft. or 5x8 ft.
30' ----------------------- 5x8 ft. or 6x10 ft.

Q. How do I dispose of a worn flag?

When a flag is worn, tattered, or frayed and no longer is in a condition befitting a symbol of our country, it should be destroyed privately in a dignified matter, preferably by burning. Many veteran and civic organizations, such as the American Legion or local VFW, will properly dispose of a flag at no cost, or can put you in contact with an approved disposal facility.

Q. How do i salute the flag?

Men and women should stand and salute the flag at the following times:

  • At the moment the flag passes in a parade or review.
  • Facing the flagpole during the ceremony of hosting or lowering the flag.
  • Facing the flag when the National Anthem is played. If the flag is not displayed, all those present should face toward the music.
  • During the saying of the Pledge of Allegiance.

  • Men should remove their hats with the right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, with the hand being over the heart. Women and men without hats should place the right hand over the heart. Women are not required to remove their hats. Those who are not U.S. citizens should simply stand at attention.